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Thomas SBC Resource Kit

Thomas Reskit version 2.0

ResKitThis is a Resource Kit for Citrix MetaFrame and Microsoft Terminal Services. It's simply a package of utilities I'm using more or less when working with Citrix and /or Terminal Services. Now there are not ALL tools included that I'm using, since they are commercial software like regdmp.exe

Download the full Resource Kit (4GEReskit) (~30 MB)

zip file ResourceKit

Browse to the different subcategories to view single utilities and read a short description what each tool does. If you have a great program that is not in the Resource Kit, feel free to email me. Because of the file size some of the programs etc. are not in the download package (eDocPrinter, free PDF) but can be downloaded as a single file.

Quick Resource Kit overview

  • Windows, Reskit etc.
    • CACLS.EXE, ifmember.exe, choice.exe, inuse.exe, delprof.exe, lsreport.exe, getmac.exe, PATHMAN.EXE, getsid.exe, qchain.exe, qgrep.exe, regini.exe, kill.exe, sleep.exe, setx.exe, srvany.exe, SOON.EXE, xcacls.exe, tail.exe, qslice.exe, userdump.exe, exctrlst.exe, gpotool.exe, winpolicies.exe, depends.exe, WiLogUtl.exe, browstat.exe, dcdiag.exe, netdiag.exe, nltest.exe, Orca.Msi, ROBOCOPY.EXE, AppSec.exe, subinacl.exe, UPHClean.msi
  • Citrix utilites
    • Apputil.exe,, enum.exe, export.exe, newapp.exe, query.exe, setprop.exe, smcconsole.exe, ctxstrace, DSView.exe, ftacln.exe, xpslimjim.exe, MsgHook.exe, qprinter.exe QueryDC.exe, QueryDS.exe, QueryHR.exe, dsverify.exe, imakill.sql, LicDelete.exe, CTXDataXP
  • Sysinternals programs
    • filemon.exe, newsid.exe, regmon.exe, netstatp.exe, tcpview.exe, tdimon.exe, procexpnt, strings.exe
  • MISC tools
    • capslock.exe, ExamDiff.exe, ddc.exe, ptfe.exe, numlock.exe, SetNumLock.exe, pdmanager.exe, ResHacker.exe, ThreadMast.exe, AppScapeUtility.exe,, Trust-No-Exe, ALLinONE, RegShot, WinSpector, GenControl, ModifyProfile, RegPol, XP_FileFilter, cports, smsniff

Last Updated ( Sunday, 25 November 2007 )

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