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Citrix Presentation Server 4.0 Print E-mail

The new release of Citrix core product has a lot of new cool features but as allways brand new versions have new and old issues. Find current problems and their solution here as well as HotFixes and Citrix documents you should read about Presentation Server 4.0 for maintanance or upgrade. Visit also the support forum for discussions about CPS 4.0

First Use the following link for Citrix knowledge base article of the last 7 days
Citrix Presentation Server 4.0 

Presentation Server 4.0 support documents

  • Citrix Presentation Server Administator Guide
  • Citrix Presentation Server Advanced Concepts Guide
  • Citrix Presentation Server migration Guide
  • Standard, Advanced or Enterprise feature? Read the Presentation Server feature matrix
  • Application Isolation Environments (AIE) Explained
  • Application Isolation Environment (AIE) supported applications
  • Application Isolation Environments - Compatibility Issues
  • Application Isolation Environments in a Mixed Farm (32-bit and 64-bit Editions)
  • Virtual Memory Optimization Feature
  • Virtual Memory Optimization Feature Application Compatibility List
  • HP Printers Supported in Citrix Presentation Server Environments
  • Troubleshooting Citrix ICA Printer Auto-creation
  • TWAIN Redirection Support with Presentation Server 4.0
  • How to Configure ActiveSync for PDA Synchronization

Basics with Presentation Server 4.0 you should know

  • Citrix made a LOT of fixes and enhancements to the printing subsystem with Hotfix PSE00R02W2K3 in combination with the ICA Client 9.20 Find more details about it in the following article:
    Changes to Printer Properties in the ICA 9.200 Client
  • The MPS 3.0 license file does work with PSE 4.0 but make sure it's not to old and still valid. Check the date via the LMC. Also install the Citrix licensing server and license BEFORE you start installing PSE 4.0
  • The new Presentation Server set's during the installation that only connections to Publish Applications are allowed.
    To change this back: run | mfcfg.exe | ica-tcp | advanced  | uncheck "Only run Published Applications"
  • Error: "You do not have access to logon to this session." when connecting to a full desktop
  • Only Run Published Applications Setting Allows Administrator Access to Custom Server Desktop Sessions

  • With PSE 4.0 the printer properties are now managed through the Citrix policies and NOT in the CMC printer management.
  • Because PSE creates local user accounts, you can't install the Presentation Server on a Domain Controller.
  • Presentation Server 4.0 and Service Pack 2005.04 for MetaFrame Presentation Server 3.0 Cannot Be Installed on a Domain Controller
  • The Ctx_SMAUser (SMA = Suite Monitoring and Alerting) local account is the most important one and if not created and set in different components a lot of things will not work! You should check those settings after the installation.

    Find the details in the following articles:
    • Troubleshooting Printing Problems In Presentation Server 4.0
    • Client Printers Fail to Autocreate in Presentation Server 4.0
    • Event ID 1116 Printer auto-creation failure. Reason: AddPrinter() failed with status 0x5
    • Event ID 1116 Printer auto-creation failure. Reason: AddPrinter() failed with status 0x3EB
    • How to Recreate the ctx_smauser Account
    • FAQ - Suite Monitoring and Alerting

  • When installing multilanguage server with PSE 4.0 make sure you have NOT changed the system language (through the language package) and the unicode setting or the installation will end with error 1001. Installations might fails with the following error message "Installation ended prematurely because of an error."

    For this issue visit the following articles:
    • Citrix Presentation Server 4.0 and Service Pack 2005.04 for Presentation Server 3.0 Does Not Install on Some Microsoft Windows Operating Systems That are in Languages Other Than English, German, French, Spanish, and Japanese
    • Error 10001 When Installing Citrix Presentation Server 4.0
    • Error 10001 when Installing Citrix Presentation Server 4.0 on a Windows 2003 Server
    • Error 10001: Installation of MetaFrame Presentation Server failed
    • Installation ended prematurely because of an error... when upgrading to Presentation Server 4.0
    • Multilingual Support for Presentation Server
    • Citrix XML Service Automatically Set to Use Port 8080 After Installing a Hotfix for Citrix Presentation Server 4.0
    • Unable to Print from Presentation Server 4.0 when Connecting via ICA 9.0 Client

With NDS you have to use Novell user/groups to apply to the Citrix policies otherwise the Citrix Policies will not be created and therefore Printer creation etc. will fail.

  • Explaining Microsoft Imported Network Print Servers and NDS Logons
Use the following link for updates or HotFixes for the Citrix licensing server
CITRIX licensing server HotFixes

Summary of the main Citrix Presentation Server 4.0 fixes  
NEW fixed stuff since R03 HotFix releases

  • Under certain environmental conditions, a VC++ runtime exception error dialog box appears on the console of a Presentation Server
  • SmoothRoaming might fail to reconnect users to their applications. This occurs when users are connected to multiple applications and close the first application launched in the session.
  • Corrupted data contained within the data store might cause the IMA Service to terminate unexpectedly.
  • Servers might experience a kernel trap (Stop 8e) when accessing vdtw30.dll
  • Zone preference and other policies might not be applied reliably.
  • Error messages might appear in the the Event Log and lmgrd_debug.log indicating that certain license types are not available for every license request.
OLD stuff
  • Client printers disappear from the Printer and Faxes folder five minutes after the Citrix Print Manager service is restarted.
  • If a policy is configured in the Presentation Server Console after PSE400W2K3R02 or PSE400W2KR02 is installed, when the setting Set default printer to client's main printer is selected, the default printer might not set properly within a session.
  • Under certain environmental conditions the IMAsrv.exe process may consume 100% of the CPU
  • When opening a minimized application from the taskbar, the window is not restored to its original size.
  • Servers experience a fatal error, displaying a blue screen with a bug check 50 on cdm.sys
  • If users try to connect to a mapped drive, they receive the error message "drive: cannot be accessed. The network path is not available" where drive is the letter of the mapped drive. Users have to log off and then log on again to connect to the mapped drive.
  • Installing an application packaged with Microsoft Windows Installer in an application isolation environment may cause the server to experience a fatal error displaying a blue screen with stop code 000000f7
  • When users try to add pictures in a Microsoft Office document that is stored in the %USERPROFILE% directory, and Microsoft Office is installed in the application isolation environment, the server blue screens with error 0xC2.
  • After applying Hotfix Rollup Pack PSE400W2K3R02, the Presentation Server Console does not display session information on the Session Process tab.
Last Updated ( Sunday, 03 February 2008 )

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