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Citrix MetaFrame COM scripts Print E-mail

What is Citrix MFCom?

MFCOM is a COM server that exposes some of the MetaFrame XP control and monitoring functions... hm no. Here is someone who can explain it much better!
"Dr. SDK" from Citrix has written a guide [] to explain how to use MFCom for scripting MetaFrame and you can find him at the CDN Forum. You might also want to read the Citrix knowledge base article [CTX102095] about the MetaFrame Component Object Model (MFcom) 2.3 before you start using or writing MFCom scripts. 

MFcom Scripts file deposit
If you have a nice MFCom script and like to share it, well then send it to me ;-)

MetaFrame License Usage (CTX102864)
The script creates a log file that contains the usage of the MetaFrame licenses. The script can be scheduled to run periodically. It can also record the information in a log file that is comma-delimited.

List Users and Client IP
A VBS Script to Return a List of Users and the Client IP Addresses.
Image CTX103407

Enable Publish Application (by Vishal)
Enable a Publish Application in a Citrix Farm

Disable Publish Application
(by Vishal)
Disable a Publish Application in a Citrix Farm

List of all Published Applications
(Out of the Box tools)
Write to a command line session a list of all Published Applications with the users and groups assigned to them.

Add Citrix Server
(SDK sample)
Add a Citrix Server to a Publish Application.

Cirix Farm Sessions
(SDK sample)
List all sessions in the Citrix farm with Server Name, Session Name, Session ID, User, Client Name and the Session state (connected, disconnected...).

User Logoff
(by Vishal)
Logoff a user from all running sessions within the Citrix Farm.

Server Hofixes
(by Vishal)
Lists ALL HotFixes installed on the Server. This feature is integrated with MPS4.0 (HotFix management)

Snapshot for ALL publish applications (by Vishal)
Makes a snapshot for ALL current publish applications.

More publish applications (SDK sample)
For testing purpose you might want have some publish applications and this script creates a bunch of publish applications at once.

Remove publish application (by Vishal)
Removes a publish application from ALL servers in the farm.

Users Publish Applications (SDK sample)
List all publish applications for a specified user.

Applications Report to MS Word (by Michael Callahan)
Creates an MS Word report about all publish applications and their setting from the entire farm, very cool! 


Save and Restore or move Farm Applications (by Michael Callahan)
Save all publish applications settings and icons. The saved information can be used to restore or move all or some of you applications.

In use pooled license (by Thomas Koetzing)
Returns the number of in use pooled license from a defined MetaFrame XP server. 

XP farm license information (by Vishal)
Get all the MetaFrame XP Farm license information. 


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