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Citrix Session Monitoring & Control Console Print E-mail

This is an unbelievable utility since it's only 43kb in size and you can take a deep look into a single user Session Channels. Do you remember your training courses about the Citrix Thin Wire? Now take a look in that channels and even take control of it!
With MetaFrame XP 3.0 and above you can set Citrix policies to limit almost every channel, other than just the ICA printing.

To use the smcc you have to start the smccontrol.exe on a Citrix MetaFrame Server and you can only Monitor and take Control of the sessions that are running on the Server. I will just show some basics so you can get a clue what else you can do with the SMCC. Remember this is real time Monitoring and any Control change will take immediately effect.

The Situation:

You have performance problems with user session(s) and want to see what's going on in the session. Is the display not updated or the printing channel? Is speedscreen working or do I have network problems? You can use the performance monitor for that but there is also a GUI, the SMCC.    
The running SMCC

After you have started the SMCC you have to select a specific ICA Session. I have selected the ICA-tcp#2 of the remotely logged in Administrator. Now you will see the overall Session Data of the selected ica session. Check out the Compession, the Session Line speed or even the session Latency and also the update time.

Switch to the Session Channels

Now take a deeper look in the Admin ICA session. Switch to the Session Channels and see every single Channel that is running in the session. It depends on your MetaFrame settings which channel is active or you have allowed. For example the "old" Printing Channels (CTXLPT1, CTXLPT2), "old" COM Ports Channels (CTXCOM1, CTXCOM2), Clipboard... etc. and the main ICA Control Channel (CTXCTL).
In the Session Channels you can take Control of the Session total Bandwidth therefore use the slider, but in the next step you can take Control of each Virtual Session Channel.


Take Control of a Channel

Click on the CTXCTL and you will get the Virtual Channel Control. Now you can take control of that specific channel. Here a quick try out, copy as the Admin some megs to the mapped client drive and when the system is copying the files, open the CTXCDM and set the Priority to low and apply it You will see the copy time will decrease.


The SMCC might help you with your Thin Clients (Linux, Windows CE), Fat Client, PALM's or what ever you use for connecting to the Citrix MetaFrame Server and Montitor and Control the ICA Session for troubleshooting and pin point your problem.

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