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Backup / Restore of Publish Applications Print E-mail

The Situation for Import and Export of Applications

You want to have the same Published Applications on a different Citrix Farm or as a backup since you have many PA's. Another reason might be that you need a report off all your Publish Applications and so on.
Now in the Citrix Server SDK there are already some utilities that can be used within a batch file to Im- or Export Publish Applications. If you have expirience with vbs, wsh, perl etc. then have a look how to do it with MFCom scripts.

Zip Files
 Files in the zip

The PAT utility can Export and Import publish
applications including the folder structure.
Good for a complete backup and restore.


EXPORT Utility (export.exe SDK 2.2)
With that SDK Utility you can export PA's settings to a single file. Export is part of the APSDK (Application Publishing SDK). To see ALL possible options, run Export. Be carful with the AppDN value (Application Distinguished Name) it's CASE SENSITIV !

Image NOTE
You have to install at least Hotfix XE102W083 when you get "Debug Assertion Failed" error.

To export a spesific Puplish Application use the command:
export AppDN /ea 

Export "\Applications\My_CMC_Folder\My_Publish_App" /ea

NEWAPP Utility (newapp.exe, SDK 2.2)     

With that SDK Utility you can create new Puplish Applications from a PA file created with export. Newapp is part of the APSDK (Application Publishing SDK).

To create a new publish application use the command:


Export ALL Farm Publish Applications     
In combination with the SDK utility enum you can export ALL Publish Applications at once. To do that you only need some basic scripting / batch knowledge.

The following script line Exports ALL Farm Applications's in single numbered app files.

for /f "skip=5 tokens=1*" %%i in ('enum') do Export "%%j" /ea

Create ALL Publish Applications in a new Farm     

After you have export all PA's you can edit the app files with a search / replace tool to change server names, user or groups etc. Use the SDK Utility folder to first create CMC folders in the new Farm.
Run a simple batch script to add all PA's to the new Farm with the newapp utility.
Place all app files in a single folder and run:

For %%i in (*.app) do NewApp %%i

Query all Farm Publish Applications
For a reporting you can use the SDK query in combination with the enum program to get all PA's settings in one text file.

Use the script line:

For /f "skip=5 tokens=1*" %%i in ('enum') do Query "%%j" >> PA_Set.txt

Publish Application Rapport        
The following script writes to a cmd session a list of all Published Applications and the Users and Groups assigned to them.

On a Citrix Server command line, use: cscript pubAppRpt.vbs


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