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Citrix Presentation Server 4.5 Print E-mail

The new version of Presentation Server 4.5 has some nice features that you should first try out in your test environment. Check out this site for issues related with CPS 4.5

New main Features

  • Health Monitoring & Recovery Monitors the health of many Presentation Server components and reports any failures instantly. If a component fails, it can be configured to trigger an action to the server.
  • Configuration logging Logs any changes made to the farm to a database and provides reporting capabilities.
  • Non-administrator client installation Allows end users without administrative rights to install a client.
  • SpeedScreen Progressive Display Provides an aggressive compression algorithm for graphic-intensive applications, through a connection policy, to improve the performance and responsiveness of these applications.

Presentation Server 4.5 Feature Pack 1

Health Monitoring & Recovery

  • Security Requirements for Health Monitoring & Recovery Tests
  • Health Monitoring & Recovery SDK
  • HMR Test Pack
  • Citrix Health Check Agent
  • How to Write Your First Health Monitoring & Recovery Test

How to enable Progressive SpeedScreen Display

The Progressive SpeedScreen Display is disabled by default and needs to be enabled through a Citrix policy. To do so launch the Presentation Server Console (CMC) and create a new Citrix policy. Navigate to Bandwidth | Visual Effects | SpeedScreen where you can set the "SpeedScreen Progressive Display compression". Don't forget to apply the policy to an object.

Issues with Presentation Server 4.5

  • Troubleshooting Printer Issues in Presentation Server 4.5
  • You can not use the Access Suite Console from a non Citrix Server (from a Worksation)
    Errors occurred when using "Servername" in the discovery process

Summary of the main Citrix Presentation Server 4.5 fixes  

NEW fixed stuff

  • Auto-created printer queues go offline when a print job is spooled with the following configuration: The "Legacy client printers" policy is enabled with the "Create old-style client printers" option selected, and the "CLIENTNAME" value in the ICA session is not all uppercase.
  • Zone preference and other policies might not be applied reliably.

Last Updated ( Sunday, 03 February 2008 )

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