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Windows Folder Options Print E-mail

Windows 2008/R2 as well as VISTA/Windows 7 have a new Windows Explorer behavior and can be set in "Folder Options". With Remote Desktop Service often the option is set to "Single-click" and is something users find very annoying because it's new and users don't like changes. Actually one user of one of my customer send an E-Mail to "Bill Gates" complaining about that...

Here I explain how to change the behavior back to "Double-click" for all users or leave it up to the user.

Folder Options

                                 In the Control Panel you find the Folder Options.

1. Disable "Turn On Classic Shell" group policy!
Enabling the Classic Shell should do the trick already but actually you need to disable it!
Also this is only effective for new users without a profile.
Administrative Templates\Windows Components\Windows Explorer\Turn On Classic Shell

2. Enable "Folder Options" for users.
Allow the "Folder Options" in the control panel for users that you can configure as a group policy
Administrative Templates\Control Panel\Show only specified Control Panel items. Use "Folder Options" as allowed item.
Now users have to select "Single-click" apply and then turn it back to "Double-click" and that should fix it.

3. Force "Double-click" by registry change
Most just want simply set the Double-click for all users and be done with it. Therefore you must follow point one, whereas two is optional.
Simplest way to apply a registry value is to use Microsoft group policy. To do so, you need min. Active Directory 2003 or above and one Server 2008 (member server) or above. Enable the group policy management as feature and afterwards browse to your XenApp/RDS OU. Select "Registry" and copy & past the following XML file "FolderOptions.xml"

GPO registry import

                                 Imported "Folder Option" registry import.

4. Open each folder in the same window
With the XML import you also set the option "Open each folder in the same window". If you don't want that, then simply delete the "Settings" entry.


mixed behaviour
Written by Dennis on 2011-08-17 11:48:36
i noticed while setting these gpo's, that this results in mixed behaviour if you have Vista/Win7 (or 2008TS and 2008R2RDS) in a mixed environment.  
The solution in our case was to seperate the 2008TS/2008R2RDS profiles.

mixed behaviour
Written by Thomas Koetzing on 2011-08-17 11:54:22
First I think that the "Classic Shell" gpo is a MS Bug and might be differend depending on the ADMX.  
I had the issue with 2008 R2 and fixed it as described.

You saved my day
Written by Guest on 2012-01-27 23:21:47
Scratching my head to fix this one

Written by Guest on 2012-08-07 13:07:15
You are a total legend, this totally works and fixed a really annoying issue with our new RDS server (2008R2)!!! :grin

Written by Guest on 2012-11-08 06:41:11

Written by Guest on 2013-05-05 15:45:30
Perfect Job! Thanks!

Danke und die Punkte weiter unten?
Written by Gast on 2013-06-03 17:01:29
Danke viel mal. 
Aber ich habe ein anderes Problem. 
Darunter gibt es die Punkte: 
- Alle Ordner anzeigen 
- Automatisch erweitern 
Wir haben ein Logon-Skript für die User, das per Registry-Hack (HKCU\...\Explorer\Advanced) diese beiden ausschaltet. 
Nach jedem Login auf dem XenApp-Server sind die dämlichen Checkboxen wieder aktiv! Weiss hier jemand Rat? 
Vielen Dank. Und danke für den obigen Tipp!

Written by Guest on 2014-01-15 03:10:21

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