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Citrix Access Gateway 5.x End-Of-Life Sep 2014 Print E-mail
Written by Thomas Koetzing   
Friday, 12 October 2012

logoThe Citrix product lifecycle matrix shows the End-Of-Life for Citrix Access Gateway 5.x  to be September 2014.

Statement from Citrix
"This move is designed to simplify the product line. The two versions of Access Gateway were based on different architectures and were incompatible with each other in many ways. For Citrix it makes a lot of sense to concentrate our efforts on delivering one solution and focus on that rather than have two different teams for the two products with all the duplication of effort that that implies.

The Product Teams are aware of the pricing structure of AG versus AG Enterprise on NetScaler, so they have offerings for our customers to ease their migration path to NetScaler. There are the virtual VPX and new lower-end hardware appliances coming soon to fill this gap."

I think it does make sense but I personally have the following concerns

  • Offerings can mean a lot of things, guess we find out soon at Synergy next week
  • What is the new entry price? Still around $1.000 to get ICA-Proxy?
  • I have customer already having issues to get a platform license from Citrix to use AG VPX,
    how is that handled?
  • The migration in general? With AG HW 2010, AG VPX and who has still the HW under SA?
  • Access Gateway Standard has a quite easy configuration. AGEE wizards are not doing a good job and things are much more complex and therfore the transition will not be easy.

In my opinion any customer who has a universal SSL VPN license should get a AGEE VPX (incl. the platform license) no question asked. Hardware Appliance owner need a good offering to the Netscaler platform and Citrix has to do a much better job with the wizards to simply the AGEE setup.

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