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My experience with Citrix StoreFront 1.2 Print E-mail
Written by Thomas Koetzing   
Wednesday, 30 January 2013

LogoCitrix StoreFront (CloudGateway Express) is out for some time and customer have asked me about it and wanted to "try" the new StoreFront. Here are some of my experiences with StoreFront:


  1. StoreFront is not supported on Windows Domain Controller and don't use a SQL DB on a Domain Controller for multiple server group.
  2. Make sure you have at least more than 200MB space left or server group synchronization fails with a non-helpful message.
  3. StoreFront credential wallet service fails to start with event 1053 "The service did not respond..." and event 12 in Citrix Delivery Service. Right after the installation! In that case install- and uninstall of StoreFront is very sloooow too.
    set generatePublisherEvidence enabled=false in
  4. Citrix credential wallet service stops, every time a pending reboot is needed.
    Set the credential wallet- and  peer resolution service to automatic (Delayed Start)
  5. StoreFront Receiver Web and StoreFront console are slow when behind a proxy server or no internet access.
    set generatePublisherEvidence enabled=false in Aspnet.config and create a mmc.exe.config
    See also:
    Web Interface 5.x Delay on First Page
    Microsoft Management Console (MMC) based Administrative Consoles takes an Extended Time to Start
  6. If you use SQL for a StoreFront multiple server group then make sure you create the SQL DB EXCATLY and all the way as described in the eDocs
  7. StoreFront has NO "repair" option but you would love to have it! Even StoreFront 1.2 has a "Generate Security Keys" it might fail as well and then you have to reinstall.
    Cannot Authenticate into Storefront Server
  8. SmartAccess with StoreFront and Citrix Gateway has a bug and you need a private fix
    Error: 'Your logon has expired. Please log on again to continue.' when Users Logon to StoreFront 1.2
  9. Citrix StoreFront Server must be a domain member and therefore you must have different server for different domains! This was not a must requirement with Web Interface
  10. Do yourself a favor and use SSL and use it BEFORE you install StoreFront. All Citrix Receiver have SSL as a must reauirement and it's a pain to change that to except HTTP on the client.
    How to Configure Citrix Receiver for Windows for HTTP stores
  11. If you want to use email for Receiver auto configuration (discover), then you have to use the email domain for the SSL certificate.
  12. Using StoreFront in load balancing and pass through with Access Gateway is quite an act. You need to set StoreFront cookies and you might need a NET profile in Netscaler for LB

Hope that helps getting started with Citrix StoreFront

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