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Things you should know about Citrix @Work Apps Print E-mail
Written by Thomas Koetzing   
Sunday, 07 April 2013

logoI have done some work with Citrix @Work Apps, mainly with @WorkMail / @WorkWeb, and did some digging to get information you cannot find at the Citrix web site at the moment.

I'm sharing those information here, so you don't have to try things that are not supported or possible yet.


  • App Preparation Tool is only available for Mac OS X
  • Only specific enhanced (e) Netscaler version support the appController
  • Using EPA with Windows and mobile devices would require two separate Netscaler
  • For troubleshooting use @WorkWeb and enable the advanced logging in Receiver

@WorkMail 1.0.206

  • Supported Exchange 2007 and 2010 and upcoming 2013. Not supported 2003 and earlier.
  • Office 365 is not supported at the moment but you can get it to work manually
  • Edit of Calendar and Contacts are not working with iOS yet.
  • ALL Exchange folders are not supported right now but unread, inbox and some more.
  • iOS apps are using different authentication then Android apps, therefore you have to set timeouts for iOS apps in Netscaler session policies.
  • The dialog "OK" or "Continue" is asking to "Continue" @WorkMail OFFLINE or "OK" to re-authenticate for ONLINE usage!
  • You might end in an authentication loop, the app doesn't start or even crashes. Disable database encryption in AppController for a quick workaround. Remove the app from your device, remove it from AppController and then re-import and deploy it.
  • If you have different devices and @WM versions installed then you might reach the Exchange mobile device limit of 10, you need to delete some in OWA options.

@WorkWeb 1.1.023

  • Is build on WebKit and therefore doesn't support java, flash etc.
  • Doesn't support to set a proxy server that you might need for external URL's. As a workaround you could use split-tunneling at Netscaler


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