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Tips & Tools for different things

Latest CITRIX knowledge base article.

If you want to know what new HotFixes, TechNote etc. Citrix has released, then try the following links:

Release of the latest Citrix HotFixes

You want an eMail if a new Citrix HotFix is released? Goto the Citrix HotFixes & Service Packs / Feature Releases page and make sure you have logged in. Click on Start watching Hotfixes and Service Packs. That's it!

Latest MICROSOFT knowledge base article.

For last knowledge base article from Microsoft regarding issues with Terminal Services or Citrix use the following link:

Inside Microsoft Windows 2000 / 2003 / 2008/R2

The "Inside Windows 2000" Book was recommended to me by Julio from the Citrix Escalation Team in Dublin. Since it's only available in english I had to  read it more than one time and it's no easy stuff , but if you interested in real "Insides" this Book is fantastic! One of the Author is Mark E. Russinovich, the guy who wrote the great utilities from like Procmon, Autoruns, Process Explorer and many more.

Use Google to solve Problems

Yes, I know! ...but not everyone use Google to search for their problems. So this is a reminder, that Google can really help solving problems. Search also the Groups by simply clicking on the Groups tab.

Use google!
Google Microsoft

There is a special search option on Google where you can search only on websites that are related to Microsoft. After you open the following link add your search words after

find or follow me @