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Citrix Web Interface, NFuse Classic, Project columbia
You have found the World largest resource for Citrix Web Interface or NFuse Classic modifications, tips, ticks and releated Citrix knowledge base article for customazing the access suite component.

There are a lot of things you can do with the Web Interface modification code but keep in mind that if you use more than one, that they might not work together. As a result, make always a backup of the original files before modifying them.

Image NOTE

Every modification code assumes that a default installation is used and that no other source file has been changed.

Also make sure you have seen all Citrix Web Interface customization knowledge base article, since there are a lot out there and I have arranged them here, for all versions, as well.


Most of the customization code are from different people but you can find the name of the author on the releated web site. Thanks everyone who shares thier code on my site and especically Sam Jacobs from IPM who get's me started with this site long time ago.

Also IPM offers some advanced customization that you might want to check out too.
Therefore visit IPM's web site at:

Special thanks goes to Jay Tomlin, the true Master of Citrix "web access" and developer of project columbia - the mother of all Web Interface versions.

Also I like to thank the Citrix support, consulting (Try) and developer (Ken) personal for thier code, help and knowledge.

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