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Analyze Center for Web Interface
Since day one the Web Interface modifications from my website are FREE to use and many others are sharing there WI modifications on the website as well. Thank you all!

This version will work as is with Web Interface 5.x and assumes that you are using a default installation. It also works when Web Interface is used in conjunction with the Citrix Access- or Secure Gateway.

The Analyze Center has now my new logo included, please leave it in place that's all I'm asking for. Review the included readme.txt file on how to integrate the analyze center into Web Interface.

Secure Gateway / Access Gateway and AC
When Web Interface is used behind a CSG or CAG then http(s) traffic is relayed to the IIS server  and therefore you will always get the same client remote IP of
The new 2.x version of the Analyze Center includes the Real client IP workaround.

Analyze Center screen shots    
Analyze start page:
Select the time frame from hours, weeks, month or even the whole last year.
Click on the upper right icon to get back to Web Interface.
Main output window:
Review the result for the selected search type, save it as CSV file to work with it in Excel etc. Check where users are coming from and application they have launched from Web Interface.     
Error Message
Missing file permission or the log file is not there, then you will get an error message with a short help to fix it.     
You get no output, then this might be also a permission issue and the AC is pointing that out.

Download the Analyze Center


for the Analyze Center

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