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Java client download notification Print E-mail

Embedded java notification
by Sam Jacobs

With this modification you are able to add an "java applet download" notification to inform users when they use the java client. Depending on the users connection bandwidth the download can take some time before the session launches and users might get nervous. Now before the download starts, the notification pop's up and tells the user to be pationed and wait.

Web Interface 3.0

  1. Backup the in the include subdirectory.
  2. Edit the and find the following lines
           switch (getLoginState()) {
           case STATE_LOGIN:
         <!--#include file=""-->
  3. Change it to
           switch (getLoginState()) {
           case STATE_LOGIN:
       if (Request.QueryString["NFuse_LogoutId"] != "On") {
       <script Language="JavaScript" type="text/javascript">
       alert("If you do not have the latest ICA client,\n" + 
       "you might experience a slight delay while the client\n" +
       "is downloaded in the background.");
         <!--#include file=""-->
  4. Close and save all files.

ICA Client auto deployment notification

Compares the ICA client versions for a javascript popup and tells the user about the auto-download.


Web Interface 2.x

Add the following lines in the HTML head of the file appembed.asp. The default location is Citrix\MetaFrameXP\site

<!-- display message for impatient users
alert("You are now downloading the Java Archives necessary\n" + 
"to run the zero-footprint ICA Client. The files are approx. 700K in size,\n" + 
"and may therefore take some time to download, especially over a dial-up modem.");
// -->

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