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Web Interface Logging Print E-mail

For Web Interface 4.x see the Analyze Center

The modifications will add logging capabilities to Web Interface. It will log any session that was launched through Web Interface and includes connection through Secure Gateway as well. A log file will be used to store the information and can be viewed within a website. For further use, a CSV file can automatically be created.

Image NOTE

When Web Interface is used behind a CSG or CAG then http(s) traffic is relayed to the IIS server  and therefore you will always get the same client remote IP of See Real Client IP for a workaround.

Also, Windows 2003 does NOT automatically install the ASP extension, therefore you have to add the component.

Control Panel | Add or Remove Programs | Add or Remove Windows competence | Application Server | Details | IIS | Details | WWW | Details | Add Active Server Pages

After that run IISRESET on the command line. If the ASP component is already installed than review the following article how to solve it:
  • HTTP Error 404 - File or Directory not found" error message when you request dynamic content with IIS 6.0

Screen shot of the log review

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