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The favorite applications add-on script for Web Interface allows users to configure a list of commonly used applications to be stored in their favorites area to the right of the typical applications area. This can be extremely beneficial for users who have large application sets, but primarily use only a few applications.

Known issues

All Versions
It might not work with IE Browser add-ons like Maxthon etc. and doesn't work with Mozilla Firefox.

Version 3.0
If one of the user's favorite applications is removed from the farm, or the user no long  has access to the application it will remain in their favorite apps list, although it will  not be displayed. This may cause confustion as the user will now be limited to one less application in thier favorite apps list as the old application is still consuming one space. It doesn't work when aggregating multiple farms

Screen shot of favorite apps in action

Image Downloads
  • Web Interface 4.2,
    by the Citrix Consulting Service
    Web Interface 4.0,
    by the Citrix Consulting Service
  • Web Interface 3.0,
    by the Citrix Consulting Team (iForum 2004)
  • Web Interface 2.0, n/a
  • NFuse Classic 1.7, n/a

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