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I have Web Interface and ICA Client problems!

Questions and Answers
I have Web Interface and ICA Client problems!
  • Empty your cache in IE, close the browser and try again.
    Verify you do not have "Do Not Save Encrypted Pages to Disk" selected.
    (This is located in IE/Tools/Internet Options/Advanced/scroll to bottom section. Unselect "Do Not Save Encrypted Pages to Disk."
  • Do a search for wfica.ocx and wfcrun32.exe on your box? Right click select properties and check the version. You should have the latest. If multiple versions, remove all instances of clients and reinstall.
  • Right click the application, do a "Save Target As", If you save a "launch.ica", save it to the desktop and try to launch from there. If you save a launch.asp, return to app page and run again, check the error message in the message center. (If no message is return, right click and do open in new window, you should be returned an error message.)
  • If using a Windows 9x, ME or XP, type msconfig at Start/Run, General tab,
    choose selective start option, unselect load startup items, click apply. Reboot system
  • If the ICA Clients starts but nothing happen then, see the MS Licensing FAQ
  • CTX101683 - Error: ICA file not found
  • CTX395275 - Error: ICA file not found

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